Membership rights, privileges and obligations

Purpose of the Community

This is first and foremost a business community. Therefore members should be actively engaged in business in Mallorca or plan to do so in the near future.

The purpose of hc/ Connect & Grow is to facilitate the interaction between members and the Company (abcMallorca Digital Media S.L.U), described here as the Community, in terms of networking events, providing learning experiences for professional development and hosting social activities for personal development.

Membership benefits:

  • Access to hosted hc/ Connect & Grow Members’ Events – additional fees may apply.
  • Access and use of the hc/ Connect & Grow Member’s Platform.

Any and all membership privileges obtained through this membership agreement may be revoked or changed at any time with prior written notice by email to members.

Publicly Shared Information

Member’s information will be documented and made publicly available (unless instructed otherwise in writing at the time of application to become a member) and may be updated or changed at any point during the agreement term.

It is assumed by the Company that Members of this Business Community agree to share their business information as outlined above on the hc/ Member’s Platform. If you do not wish for this information to be shared between members or publicly displayed on websites or provided to approved third parties, please advise the Company in writing – that you do not wish for your business contact details etc., to be shared publicly. 

Members should be aware that videos and photographs will be taken at Community events. Members and their guests must advise in writing at the time of booking the event if they do not wish their image to be shown in public in subsequent visual imagery released in the public domain.  

The Community is committed to ensure the privacy and security of all members’ private information. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, the Company have put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure all the information collected from Members.

Intellectual Property Rights

The company is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights of the member’s database and the member’s platform. It is not possible to ‘sell, spam or provide the list to a third party or to engage in any kind of unsolicited marketing activities. For example, adding members to a third party subscriber list without written permission from the owner of the Company and/or the member/s is totally prohibited and would mean membership is cancelled with immediate effect.

All material posted to the member’s platform by members – conversations, photos, videos, events details etc in addition to advice documents, and templates published on the platform or delivered to Members in any format belongs solely to the Company. Any reproduction of this material in any format will mean immediate cancellation of membership and potential compensation for damages caused to the Company.

All of the information published by the Company and the members and the software used on the member’s platform, in events, workshops, retreats etc., is protected by copyright laws.  All such rights are fully reserved by the Company.

In order to use, copy, reproduce or redistribute in any way the information produced on the member’s platform or provided at hosted events  – requires written permission from the owner of the Company.

Any breaches of the intellectual property rights outlined here is a breach of the Membership Agreement and will mean immediate cancellation of membership and compensation will be sought for losses and damages caused to the Company.

Term, Termination and Subscription

Membership Subscription

This membership agreement shall continue until terminated by either party.

The membership has a duration of 12 months and renews automatically for the selected membership type including any increases in the annual subscription fee.

The membership subscription is payable annually by credit card.

The annual subscription and any additional fees can change at any time with prior written email notice to Members.

The membership agreement and fee are automatically renewed unless otherwise instructed in writing by either party 1 month prior to the renewal date.

Membership will cease if the member fails to meet the terms and conditions of membership.

Membership will cease if the Company files for bankruptcy or ceases to do business or upon the death of the Member.

It is not possible to suspend or pause membership in any way. 

Membership Application Process

Membership to the Community is by invitation or enquiry. Prospective members will be invited to meet with a representative from the Company. The prospective member will receive a presentation about the Community and an overview of the Community’s terms & conditions. Once the application form has been duly completed and an interview carried out, a decision will be taken and the application will be approved or rejected. Once the subscription fee is processed for approved members, membership will be granted.

An application for membership must be on forms provided by the Company for that purpose and upon submitting an application from the Member’s Platform it is therefore in agreement with these rules.

Members and the Company have a trial period of 1 month from the official start date of membership (the date the subscription fee is received by the Company) to cancel the membership and receive/provide a full refund.  After this initial trial period, no refund will be granted.

Each Member warrants the accuracy of the information provided.

Each Member shall advise the Company of any change of their address or relevant information. The member is solely responsible for keeping their published information up-to-date by notifying the Company when any of these details change.

 The membership fee shall be payable to the Company within 10 days of the approval of the membership application.

The duration of the membership is for a minimum period of 12 consecutive months.

Each Member of the Community shall be at least eighteen years of age.

Membership is not transferable.

Code of Conduct at Hosted Events

Members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct set out here.

Any member failing to adhere to the Code of Conduct may have their membership reviewed by the Company and may possibly have their membership terminated. All decisions are final.

Members attend events at their own risk. The Company cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injury or loss suffered as a result of a member attending an event hosted on behalf of the Community.

On arrival at hosted events by the Community, members may need to present a photo ID if requested to do so. 

Members and their guest/s shall take full responsibility for the security and safety of their belongings and property. Each Member and their guest/s agree that the Company will not be liable for any belongings or property or be liable for any claim or expense resulting in loss or damage to member’s or guest’s property.

Any items found in a venue after a Community event will be stored in the lost & found property storage, held for 28 days from the date found and then disposed of.

Mobile devices should be on SILENT at all times during an event. The use of mobile phones during an event is strongly discouraged as the Community values member’s being fully present and engaged during events. 

The Company reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove members or their guests as it should think fit.

No Member shall remove, damage or destroy any artwork, item of furniture or any other articles belonging to the Company. If a member or their guest causes the loss, damage or destruction of any such property, the member shall bear full responsibility and will be charged the applicable cost.

Members accept that violence of any kind or abusive language will not be tolerated between members or their guests. Being a nuisance, disrupting the flow of events, and causing annoyance or inconvenience to other members or staff will not be accepted.

Members agree to treat staff professionally and with respect at all times.

Appropriate attire should be worn at all Community events.  

Cancellation fees may apply as per the following: 

Only reservations to attend events that are paid in full prior to the event taking place and a valid booking confirmation issued by the Company will be considered a confirmed booking. 

To cancel a booking for a Community event, members are required to send an email at least 48 hours in advance or in some cases 72 hours in advance, depending on the type of event. If written cancellation is not received within the required cancellation period – there will be no possibility to receive a voucher to use at a future event.

In the event of a cancellation within the valid timeframe, a voucher will be issued which can be used for payment to attend a future event. No monetary refund will be provided even when cancellation is made within the required timeframe. 

If a member reserves a place at an event and fails to show up on 3 separate occasions, no further reservations will be accepted from the member.

Members’ GUESTS attending hosted events

On occasion, guests shall be admitted to Community hosted events at the discretion of the Company.

Each Member and their guest/s shall observe the codes of conduct set out here by the Community.

The member is responsible to ensure that the applicable fees payable to attend the event is paid in full by the guest. If not paid, the member will be responsible to pay the amount outstanding. 

Members shall be responsible for their guests attending events at all times.

Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of the Codes of Conduct before, during and after an event hosted by hc/ Connect & Grow.


Any and all communications in regard to this membership agreement shall be delivered digitally to the email address provided by the Member and the Company.

Applicable Law

The provisions of this Agreement must be read, interpreted, and clarified using the laws and legislation within the courts of the Balearic island.