A conscious business community
for you to thrive, prosper & grow.

Together we really are better!

Running your own business in Mallorca can feel isolating. At hc/ Connect & Grow we create networking and learning experiences so you can thrive, prosper & grow.

Get the right connections

Grow to your full potential

Thrive in business

There’s no need to struggle alone in business. Let’s thrive together.

You can do it!

Avoid making bad decisions and costly mistakes.
Leverage off the many years of knowledge & experience within the community.

Avoid wasting time and feeling frustrated.
Meet the right people who will become your customers and collaborators.

Avoid the fear of failure and isolation.
Gain the support, confidence and inspiration you need to keep growing. 

Get support every step of the way

Our mission is to see you grow to your full potential. To see your purpose driven business thrive.  
To support you every step of the way! 

Be part of one of the most successful business communities in Mallorca since 2006. 

Successful business collaborations

Memorable moments enjoyed

Long-lasting friendships

“Our greatest legacy is the many business success stories that have been initiated by us.” 

Dr. Helen Cummins

How it works

Apply for
Connect with others while
growing your knowledge

See your business
thrive in Mallorca

Get the right connections and the skills you need to thrive

Running your own business can feel isolating, especially when you’re new to Mallorca. Being part of a local business community can provide you with the right connections, open doors to build collaborations, to grow your business faster. When you need a recommendation or a second opinion you have knowledgeable local insiders to provide you with the support you need. Remaining motivated and being inspired maybe just what you need when the going gets tough and you wonder what you are doing here!

You can achieve success so much faster and easier by being a member of a business community that genuinely cares about you and your business. At the heart of hc/ Connect & Grow is the desire to see your purpose-driven business thrive. Whether you need to gain additional business skills in digital marketing or sales, or if you are trying to figure out how you are going to find the right clients for your business to succeed – you can count on our support every step of the way.

Membership options


995€ annual fee 
for 1 member


1.500€ annual fee
for 2 members


2.400€ annual fee
for up to 4 members


Client Stories

Read what hc/ clients like about the service

Chetana Adelkamp, Bodhana Wellness Centre

“It’s been a beautiful journey with Helen and her amazing team. It’s like being part of a family, really believing in something that I created. It helped us to increase our business and clientele enormously.” 

Chetana Adelkamp, Bodhana Wellness Centre

Mariana Salinas, Sadhana Works

“Helen helped me to bring my dream into a reality. The most important things she helped me to do was really trusting in myself, she told me you can do this. She made me feel I’m not along.”

Mariana Salinas, Sadhana Works

Marc Kuenzle Co-founder of Casa Lima

“If we had done it (marketing plan) by ourselves it would have cost us a lot of time. Helen & her team brought to the point what was finally our goal, they expressed our ideas. We were very happy.”

Marc Kuenzle, Co-founder of Casa Lima


Successful Brands hc/ works with:

C/ del Jardi Botanic 2
07012 Palma de Mallorca

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