When you need a helping hand

When you decide to launch or expand your business in Mallorca you can book a one-to-one Business Mentoring session with Dr. Helen Cummins to get expert guidance and support to achieve your goals.

Throughout Helen’s 30 year business career she has provided business mentoring to countless business owners. Her area of expertise is in marketing, particularly digital marketing, and new business development for small businesses.

“I love helping entrepreneurs get started. It’s such a joy to see someone with loads of potential grow their confidence sufficiently to go out in the business world and make their mark. It is food for the soul!” says Helen.

In order to assess how Helen can best help you on your path to success, she needs an overview of your business. This should include your goals and challenges and areas in which you would like to grow and develop. This information can be provided in the hc/ Business Assessment which you will receive once you schedule an appointment.

Helen’s speciality is helping you to devise a clear business strategy and the right marketing plan to generate more customers for your business in Mallorca.

Your one-to-one mentoring session

Once you book and schedule a one-to-one mentoring session with Helen, you will receive a link to the hc/ Business Assessment to be completed and returned for analysis. You will then have a meeting with Helen (online or in-person) to discuss your goals and challenges and to agree on the best course of action.