Grow to your full potential

You thrive when you are making your greatest positive impact and contribution to the world. We want to inspire you to achieve greatness.

It can be challenging to keep up with the demands in a constantly changing business environment, particularly in the areas of digital marketing – how do I find the right clients for my business?

The market in Mallorca tends to be fragmented and you need to have a deep understanding of how things work here to break through the challenges and be successful in business.

At hc/ Connect & Grow we are constantly creating learning experiences, both professional and personal, for members to grow and develop their knowledge and skills.

The majority of these learning experiences can be accessed online anytime while other events are in-person Workshops covering a specific topic intensely, aimed at small groups.

Members have the possibility to share their expertise and knowledge with the other members, in addition to the Master Classes we host on current business topics.   

Field trips to well-known businesses on the island are also an interesting way to gain a greater understanding of how business works here in various sectors.